Cast bowing during a forge night performance

Forge Nights

Forge Nights are a program we designed to connect playwrights to a network of artists so that writers could get their new works produced in a way that is actually affordable and accessible to them.

Sticking to our mission, Forge Nights are about just that, getting in the forge that is the rehearsal room and shaping something new.

For just a small participation fee from the accepted playwrights, we find the directors, cast, and rehearse their shows. All they need to provide is the script, and they get to see their work on stage in front of an audience for an exciting one-night performance of new theatre.

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One cast member kneeling while another sits in a chair
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Forge Nights: Reading Series

Forge Nights: Reading Series is an offshoot of our Forge Nights program, dialed back a bit to focus on new plays still in development or new plays that we loved but may not have the ability to produce right now for any number of reasons. The Reading Series is an informal opportunity for writers to hear their work in front of an audience in a casual setting so as to give them a better idea of where the work may need to go next.

Think you have a play that would be a great fit for one of our Forge Nights Series? Great! We are always accepting submissions on a rolling basis. Check out our Submissions page to learn more about getting your new play produced by Vulcan.

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